Coach Tom Marmarelli explains that in order to achieve a significant improvement in the aerobic pace that can be sustained throughout long endurance events, the vast majority of training time should be performed below the aerobic threshold.

This article explains why athletes train too hard and what the optimal routine should be.

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If your kids have been swimming for a while then you’ve probably realized how damaging pool chemicals are for our children’s skin and hair.

Chlorine exposure often leads to a loss of shine, flexibility, split ends, and damaged strands. Chlorine also removes the natural oils in their hair leaving it dry and brittle. That's why it's important to fully remove it after swimming.

In this article, we are going to share with you what we consider to be the best swim shampoos for children available today.

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With so many swimmer shampoos in the market it’s difficult to choose one that fits our needs and does what it’s supposed to do well.

However, our team of experts has tested and created a list of the best swimmer shampoos in 2021. Below you can find our reviews, thoughts on unique features, and more.

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