All of our products are paraben-free, SLS-free, cruelty-free, alcohol-free, gluten-free and non-GMO.

Yes! The formulas of our products include menthol (ingredient) that contributes to the overall cooling effect that you feel. This dominant cooling effect is specifically designed to boost your energy and leave your skin feeling fresh and energized.

If you did not experience the cooling effect, we recommend you try out our 'body wash extra boost'. If you found the cooling effect too strong for you, we recommend you to try our standard body wash.

If you wish to learn more about Menthol, go to the “Our Formulas” page and click on it until a detailed banner will open up.

In the “How to Use” section within each product’s page, you can find our recommended five-step instructions that will hopefully help you get the most of your experience with TRIHARD’s products. Alternatively, you can find the instructions on the back of the product label.

TRIHARD’s “Our Formulas” is an informative page that we encourage you to visit that is designed specifically to help you learn more about the key ingredients in our products, as well as providing you with full transparency into the breakdown of our formulas. The "Our Formulas" page can be found on the top menu of our website.

The active ingredients and full formulas are also printed on our products' labels.

TRIHARD products should be used within 12 months of opening.

Please stop using the product and contact customer service to receive advice regarding your negative reaction.


Please contact us through the chat feature (located on the bottom right corner of our website) with your order number and return reason to start the returns process.

We unfortunately do not offer returns or refunds for bulk or commitment plan orders.

We allow one starter kit per customer. Only new customers are eligible to receive the starter kit. Abuse of the starter kit policy is subject to the full cost of the kit.

Of course! Please access your account to make changes.

Please contact us through the chat feature (located on the bottom right corner of our website) with your order number to update the address of an order that has already been submitted. We cannot guarantee changes after an order has been processed.

Please access your subscription account to update any information or process a cancellation.

Please note that cancellations must be processed through your account prior to your next order date. A cancellation will not cancel an already processed order.

As we currently cannot guarantee the delivery of our products outside of the United States in the most reliable, fast, and affordable way, so currently we do not ship to customers outside of the United States. We are already working on our expansion plan so please stay tuned and create a free account with us to be the first to hear when we get to your country!