We felt, we cared and we acted

"As swimmers, we couldn't find anything that met
our needs so we decided to do it by ourselves"

The Negative Effects of Chlorine

Pools all over the world sanitize their water with Chlorine or Bromine that are scientifically proven to be excellent at killing bacteria and other germs. However, coming in contact with these bleaches immediately affects our skin and hair by bonding to our body which creates a "Chlorine Cover" layer that reduces the natural oils of our hair and skin and can cause dryness, itchiness, and long-lasting unpleasant odors.

Powered by the Dead Sea

Among many other minerals, the Dead Sea contains a high concentration of Magnesium Chloride and Maris Sal. We use these two unique minerals in our pre-swim products to reduce the absorption of chlorine in our body by creating an extra protective layer around our skin and hair. Magnesium Chloride and Maris Sal, with the support of the biodegradable apricot scrub, are used in our products to effectively extract pool chemicals from our skin and hair by turning the Chlorine Cover into salts that can be easily washed off. This enables the other botanical extracts to better cleanse, nourish and hydrate our body.

What inspires us

TRIHARD also owns one of the largest Multi-Sport groups in Europe and the Middle East. By closely training our 300 swimmers and triathletes, we have noticed that each one of them encounters different side effects that occur when swimming. When we realized that there were not any products currently tailored to their needs that we could recommend, we decided to join forces with Paloma Dead Sea and do it ourselves.