Where Should Triathletes Train Abroad?

The target audience of triathlon competitions, and especially long-distance triathlons, consists of several different types of athletes. Some athletes are there for the competition, some compete to prove to themselves or to their friends they are capable of doing so, some compete to lose weight, and others compete to maintain an active lifestyle while equally balancing family life and work.

Coach Tom Marmarelli thinks that in order to accomplish our physical goals while spending quality time with our families without disrupting our mid-week work routine, going on a training camp abroad is a great idea.

Here is a list of Tom’s favorite training camp destinations.

1) Club La Santa Lanzarote

Club La Santa Lanzarote

Image source: Club La Santa

Club La Santa Lanzarote, located near the shores of Morocco on the Spanish island of Lanzarote, is probably the most famous center for endurance athletes and athletes in general.

At the center, you will find all the training facilities you can only dream of, including three 50-meter pools for interval training, a beach for outdoor swimming, a road with endless twists and elevation options, highway and area runs for volume runs and speed training runs.

The club also has a huge recovery complex that includes a spa, hot and cold pools, and everything an athlete can only dream of.

In most seasons, the weather in Lanzarote is warm, and the recommended period to train there is between March and May, and between September and November. Among other things, the island also hosts one of the most challenging Ironman competitions in May.

2) TriSutto triathlon training camps

TriSutto triathlon training camps

Image source: Trisutto

Australian Brett Sutton is one of the most respected and well-regarded triathlon coaches in the world, and among his trainers are Daniela Ryf, Krisi Wellington, James Kanma, and other first-rate professionals.

Under the TriSutto brand, Sutton runs training camps designed for triathletes around the world. His camp usually runs for about 8-10 days, which includes a lot of cycling, running, and swimming under the professional guidance of his brand’s trainers, including Sutton himself.

These kinds of camps offer access to top-notch coaches for quality advice and training. This kind of camp should be attended during the same year that an athlete intends to compete.

3) Livigno

Livigno in the Italian Alps

Image source: Italy magazine

My last and favorite camp abroad, Livigno, is located in the Italian Alps, 1,800 meters above sea level, and is familiar to every European cyclist and even a few Israeli riders. In the tax-free town, you can find summer riders like Peter Sagan and the entire Skai group arriving at the camp.

The main recurring motif for riding in the Livigno area is ups and downs, including different levels of steepness for climbs, so that even stronger riders can climb up the 2,758 meters height of the mountain.

The best time to arrive at Livigno is between June and early September in order to enjoy the pleasant weather. During the winter, it serves as a ski resort. The good food and intoxicating landscapes create the perfect training area. It is even possible and desirable to slurp down some hot soup at the mountain tops or get a good coffee in between the climbs.

In Livigno, you can also find a good running route along the river that runs through the city for about 13 kilometers in each direction. Livigno also has a beautiful lake, though be warned — the water temperature is mostly below 14 degrees, and therefore it is highly recommended to swim at the local pool instead.

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