Which Shampoo Is Best After Swimming?

Whether for exercise or just for fun, swimming is a beloved activity among people of all ages. But, after spending time in the pool, you may find that your hair feels drier and more brittle than before. These effects result from chlorine exposure and can lead to significant hair damage over time. 

But don’t put away your swimsuit just yet. With a shampoo that’s specially formulated to reverse the effects of chlorine, you can take back control of your hair care. 

Is It Okay to Leave Chlorine in Your Hair?

It’s not okay to leave chlorine in your hair if you want to prevent dryness, breakage, and scalp irritation. 

Leaving chlorine in your hair dramatically increases the odds that you’ll experience adverse effects. Chlorine is a harsh chemical that has a drying effect on both skin and hair, particularly if it’s not washed out promptly. Hair has a porous structure, and chlorine will penetrate these pores more deeply the longer it’s left in. 

Besides dryness, breakage, and scalp irritation, the other possible effects of leaving chlorine in your hair include:

  • Dull hair
  • Split ends
  • Frizziness
  • Course, rough hair texture
  • Altered hair color

Rather than leaving chlorine in your hair, experts recommend removing it with a thorough cleanse as soon as possible after being exposed to chlorine. 

How Do You Remove Chlorine From Hair Naturally?

You can remove chlorine from hair naturally using a post-swim treatment of baking soda, apple cider vinegar, or what is better - a specialized swimmers shampoo that features natural ingredients.

Swimmers Shampoo

Instead of DIY treatments, you can opt for a specially formulated shampoo to remove chlorine. Trihard’s Swimmers Shampoo is a safe, alcohol-free option that contains red algae, dead sea salts, and magnesium chlorine to eliminate pool chemicals. A blend of hydrating oils restores hair’s natural moisture while aloe vera, menthol, and red algae alleviate scalp irritation. 

What Is the Best Way to Wash Your Hair After Swimming?

The best way to wash your hair after swimming is to thoroughly rinse and shampoo your hair as soon as possible after getting out of the pool.

While a rinse alone will likely get most of the chlorine out, using a swimmer's shampoo will help you get all of the chlorine out. Many shampoos also contain hydrating ingredients to offset chlorine’s drying effects. 

To minimize the amount of chlorine that soaks into your hair, we’d recommend showering immediately after swimming. Outdoor shower heads or locker room showers can make this easy. But, if you don’t have access to either of these amenities at the pool, don’t worry – just wash your hair as soon as possible after returning home.  

Do I Need Special Shampoo After Swimming?

You likely need special shampoo after swimming if you struggle with damaged, discolored hair or scalp irritation. Shampoos that are designed to remove chlorine can help with these unwanted signs of pool chemical exposure. 

Regular shampoos are formulated to remove day-to-day grime, like sweat and dirt. But, to completely remove chlorine after swimming, you’ll need a shampoo that’s made for this purpose. Anti-chlorine shampoos effectively remove pool chemicals while soothing scalp irritation and quenching dried-out strands. 

Trihard’s Swimmers Shampoo uses proprietary PLECOTECH™ technology to remove chlorine, neutralize pool chemical odors, alleviate scalp irritation, and provide an energizing effect with menthol.

Consider bundling the Swimmers Shampoo with Trihard’s Pre & Post Swim Conditioner for added protection and hair nourishment. While the shampoo removes chlorine after swimming, this conditioner can be used before and after your trip to the pool to reduce chlorine absorption. 

How Do You Take Care of Your Hair After Swimming?

You can take care of your hair after swimming by thoroughly rinsing your hair, using a shampoo that’s designed to remove chlorine, and applying a deeply hydrating conditioner. 

Post-Pool Rinse

When you swim in a pool, hair soaks up the chlorinated water, and the chlorine will remain until you rinse it out. Drenching your hair with clean water before getting in the pool or wearing a swim cap can help reduce chlorine absorption. However, a prompt post-pool rinse is a more reliable option to avoid the drying, irritating effects of chlorine. 

Chlorine Removal Shampoo

To go a step further than a post-swim rinse, shampoo your hair with a product that’s specifically formulated to remove chlorine. Trihard’s Swimmers Shampoo removes chlorine and saltwater with dead sea salts, red algae, and magnesium chloride for healthier, softer hair. The formula also contains argan oil, keratin, shea oil, jojoba oil, and red algae to hydrate post-swim hair deeply. 

For an energizing boost, consider Trihard’s Swimmers Shampoo Extra Boost, which is formulated with extra menthol for a refreshing cooling effect that helps regulate body temperature and prevent sweat post-swim. 

Hydrating Conditioner

A hydrating conditioner can help hair retain the moisture that chlorine often strips away. Trihard’s unique Pre & Post Swim Conditioner restores hair’s soft, healthy texture while helping to remove pool chemicals. When used as a pre-swim hair treatment, it also helps neutralize the absorption of pool chemicals with glycerin, red algae, dead sea minerals, and magnesium chloride. 

If you have not found your post-swim hair care routine, try the above sports care products with Trihard’s 30-day money-back guarantee.

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