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Trihard Swimmers and Sportspeople Product Collection

Trihard sports-specialized products are developed to support your active lifestyle without compromising your skin, hair, and body. Trihard products formulas are powered by PLECOTECH™, proprietary patent-pending cleansing technology based on the optimal ratio of natural Red Algae, Dead Sea Minerals, and Botanical Extracts.

The unique formulation effectively prevents, protects, and treats your body from the adverse effects of sweat, pool and ocean chemicals, chafing, and muscle and mind fatigue.

Haircare Products for Swimmers and Aquatic Athletes

Spending a lot of time in chlorinated water can result in:

  • Dry & Brittle hair
  • Swimmer's green hair (for blond hair)
  • Hair breakage
  • Chlorine Odors

Trihard's Swimmer Haircare collection provides comprehensive hair protection before and after aquatic activities by reducing chemical absorption while restoring, hydrating, and soothing dry hair. This collection also helps eliminate pool chemicals, relieve itchy scalp, and regulate body temperature to reduce sweat post-swim and boost energy. It features Pre & Post Swim Conditioner, Swimmers Shampoo, Swimmers Shampoo Extra Boost, and our Conditioner and Shampoo Pool Kits.

Applying the Pre & Post Swimmer Conditioner provides complete hair protection against the side effects of chlorine and reducing hair damage. Our conditioner helps reduce the basorption of chemicals when used before aquatic activities, and effectively restores healthy texture, hydrates, and soothes dry & brittle hair when used after.

To remove chlorine and salt water from the hair and scalp, try the Swimmers shampoo for a gentle cleanse or Swimmers Shampoo Extra Boost, known to effectively eliminate chemicals while keeping the hair hydrated and relieving itchy scalp. Our Extra Boost version will also provide a cooling effect sensation that will help prevent sweat post-swim.

Athletes & Swimmers Skincare

Staying prolonged hours in pools or open water exposes you to chemicals like chlorine, which causes:

  • Skin inflammation
  • Marks from swim goggles
  • Skin Irritation
  • Dry and cracked skin
  • Chlorine odors

The swimmer skincare collection enhances skin protection and alleviates irritation and swelling while reducing chlorine absorption. It keeps the skin hydrated while protecting, alleviating, and eliminating chlorine so you can enjoy an active life without compromising your skin health. It features the Pre & Post Swim Eye Gel, After Swim Body Wash Extra Boost, Pre & Post Swim Body Lotion, Aquatic Athletes Hand Cream, and our Body Lotion & Body Wash Pool Kits.

The Pre & Post Swim Eye Gel is formulated with natural oils to hydrate under-eye skin and eliminate marks from goggles for complete eye care. To wash off chlorine residues while rejuvenating irritated skin, try After Swim Body Wash Extra Boost, which energizes & refreshes skin and prevents sweating post-workout. If you want a gentle solution, we recommend the After Swim Body Wash with less concentration of ingredients, such as menthol.

To protect your skin before your aquatic activities, the Pre & Post Swim Body Lotion will provide an additional protective layer to the skin to neutralize the absorption of pool chemicals while after aquatic sessions, it effectively restores healthy skin, hydrates, and soothes dry and itchy skin.

If you are looking for a hand cream formulated for swimmers, try the Aquatic Athletes Hand Cream, designed to restore the hand skin texture leaving it moisturized long-term while removing chlorine scents post-workout. 

Muscle and Mind Recovery

Training in any type of sport for long periods requires you to exert significant physical effort leading to:

  • Muscle fatigue
  • Tight joints
  • Stress
  • Exhaustion

Trihard's Mind and Muscle Recovery collection provides a healthy solution to calm sore muscles and soothe dry and cracked skin while delivering an anti-stress remedy for complete relaxation. Muscle & Mind Recovery Bath Salts combine a unique blend of ingredients to provide rejuvenation and restoration for peak performance during sports training.

It contains Epsom, Dead Sea salts, argan, and Obliphica oil which encourages magnesium absorption into the body, reduces swelling and joint tightness, and maximizes athlete recovery.

Active Footcare Products

Wearing sports shoes for long periods during intense workouts can lead to:

  • Calluses
  • Feet Soreness
  • Formation of microorganisms
  • Bad odors

The Trihard Footcare collection offers active products to neutralize odors, and the formation of microorganisms, ease discomfort, reduce friction during physical activity, and provide a refreshing feeling. The Footcare collection features Active Foot and Shoes Sport Spray, Active Foot Exfoliating Soap, and Active Foot Recovery Salt.

When used pre-workout, the Active Foot and Shoes Sport Spray will create a double barrier to reduce friction during physical activity while post-workout, it will help fight against the formation of microorganisms in feet and nails leaving the feet refreshed and hydrated. The 2 in 1 innovative product also works to disinfect and deodorize shoes.

If you need extra protection, Active Foot exfoliating soap is designed especially with a pumice stone effect to help prevent Calluses and formation of microorganisms, boost blood circulation and ease foot soreness while providing a perfect exfoliation.

For athletes looking to maintain smooth and soft skin, the Active Foot Soak Recovery Salt gently soothes dry, cracked feet and neutralizes odors caused by sweaty feet and bacteria.

Key Products Features

  • Powered by Plecotech
  • Pre & Post workout solution
  • Clean Ingredients
  • Reliability & Endorsement from high-performing athletes

Product Best Sellers as Bundles

You can get our product bundles if you want complete protection. One of our best sellers is The Active Foot Care Kit, equipped with Exfoliating Soap, Foot & Sports Shoes Spray, and Recovery Salts. Others include The Fantastic Four, The Ocean's or Cool & Fresh kit, Pool Kit - Pre- & Post-Swim Body Lotion, and The Tri-care.


If you want to enjoy moving around with your favorite Trihard products in style, you can try the Trihard All-in Toiletry Bag. It's designed with lightweight and high-resistance materials, making it easy to maintain for a longer-lasting experience. 

The swimple Swimming Cap is the best choice for aquatic sportspeople and offers a unique and simple design to fit both female and male athletes due to its flexible silicone material, making it easy to put on and stopping hair from pulling.

Make a gift to the people you love - the products they would enjoy during their training.

Product Kits

You can purchase more products at once, e.g. choosing Active Foot Care Kit or the Pool Kit - Pre & Post Swim Body Lotion. These kits contain a variety of products and offer full protection.

When you shop with Trihard, you will enjoy fast shipping, high-quality products, and a 30-day guarantee on all orders. Shop now to enjoy 360 active people’s skin, hair, and foot care protection.

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