The Best Skin And Hair Care Products For Swimmers

If you are a swimmer, you need to care for your skin and hair. Chlorine in pools can be harsh on the skin and hair, and that is why it's important to invest in good quality products that will protect your skin and hair from damage.

Many swimmers' products are on the market, but not all of them are good; it is essential to research before making any purchases.

In this blog post, we will share with you the best products we’ve used and the essentials for proper skin and hair care.

Let’s get started.

A Swimmer’s Shampoo

 Trihard's Swimmer's Shampoo

Dry hair and itchy scalp are the most common personal care concerns among frequent swimmers, which is why anti-chlorine hair shampoos are the top-selling products in this category. 

TRIHARD Swimmers' Shampoo addresses both concerns well by eliminating pool chemicals and odors, hydrating dry hair, and relieving irritated scalp post-swim.

A Quick Dry Towel

A Quick Dry Towel

When our bodies get exposed to chlorinated water, it gets absorbed into our skin, causing it to dry, become itchy, and leave a chlorine odor.

Quick-dry towels prevent your body from absorbing any more water by quickly removing chlorinated water. These towels are lightweight, compact, highly effective, and a must for swimmers.

A Swimmer’s Body Wash

Trihard's Swimmer’s Body Wash

A high chlorine concentration in the water can cause dry skin, premature aging, chlorine burns, skin irritation, and rash.

By using a swimmer’s body wash, you’ll be able to wash the chlorine off your skin, hydrate and moisturize after-swim dry skin, relieve itchiness, and eliminate unpleasant long-lasting pool odors.

We recommend the Trihard's After-Swim Body Wash for an effective body wash.Our body wash is formulated with Red Algae, Dead Sea Minerals, and Botanical Extracts to effectively remove chemicals and lingering chlorine odors after swimming.

It also contains peppermint extract, better known as menthol, to provide a cooling sensation that calms irritated skin post-workout and reduces inflammation. Lastly, the body wash has essential naturally-derived oils, such as Coconut, tea tree, and almond, to hydrate the skin and help it retain moisture.

A Swimmer’s Mesh Backpack

A Swimmer’s Mesh Backpack

Okay, a backpack isn’t a skin or hair care product, but it’s still important. We need to make sure our swim essentials are properly kept dry while also having enough space to save all our belongings

Swimmer’s meshed backpacks are specially designed to fit everything you can possibly need in a comfortable size.

A Swimmer’s Face Wash

Trihard's Swimmer’s Face Wash

Swimmers who often swim in outdoor pools or open water may experience discomfort on their faces after exposure to the sun's UV rays. If this is the case, a swimmer's face wash can help you calm and relieve any discomfort. Moreover, a face wash cleanses your skin of chemicals and/or salt, as well as hydrating it.

We recommend checking our Swim & Sun Facial Wash if you experience discomfort when swimming in a pool on your face. It should help you feel better.

A Swim Cap

A Swim Cap

Swim caps help reduce exposure to chlorinated water. If you wear a swim cap, you add another layer of protection to your hair. Before putting one on, wet your hair with fresh water to further reduce pool chemical absorption into your hair and create a tighter seal.

Swim caps come in a variety of types, including:

  • Silicone: Great for competitive swimmers and people with long hair.
  • Latex: Great choice for frequent swimmers who enjoy variety.
  • Rubber: Perfect for swimmers who like to swim in cold water.
  • Lycra or spandex: Ideal for recreational swimmers looking for a comfortable fit.
  • Neoprene: Great choice for open water swimmers.

A Pair of Goggles

A Pair of Goggles

A pair of goggles keeps our eyes protected from water and lets us see while in the water. In addition to keeping water out of our eyes, goggles also help prevent eye infections and irritation caused by chlorine.

Some of the best goggles for swimming include Swedish goggles, Speedo Vanquisher 2.0, TYR Socket Rocket Goggles, Speedo Speed Socket 2.0, and FINIS Smart Goggles.


Chlorine in pools can be harsh on the skin and hair, which is why it's important to invest in good quality products that will protect your skin and hair from damage.

Many swimmers' products are on the market, but not all of them are good; you should research before making any purchases.

We recommend you invest in a swimmer’s shampoo, body wash, and a face wash to eliminate pool chemicals from your skin and hair, and a swim cap to reduce your hair’s exposure to pool chemicals

These products are essential to any swimmer who wants to take the best care of their skin and hair. Choose the ones you need right now and add the rest to your wishlist.

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